Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Update

Hello, all. On Wednesday I received the megadose of samarium. All went well despite some obligatory last-minute technical drama, which was fully resolved.

The lead-lined room was not scary, though I was not allowed to put a toe out in the hall for 48 hours. The nurses were highly attentive and the room service was excellent. No massage therapists donning hazmat suits were available, unfortunately.

No side effects other than feeling green around the gills. "Flare pain" to the bones had been mentioned as a possible result, but so far, so good on that.

Will write more when I'm feeling more creative. Must recover from the nausea and from the many sleep interruptions in the hospital (such as 5 a.m. labs!).


  1. Oh My, Sally - you must have a glowing halo around your radioactive self! You're loved. Sara

  2. OK, this is a literary stretch but when I saw samarium, it made me think of samaritan (as in the good ones). So I envision that stuff marching through your system doing away with that cancer and getting you ready for yet another great retreat in the fall! Hugs, peace, love and everything else that's wonderful to you. Need any Girl Scout cookies down there? We can send you Thin Mints!

  3. Prayers and love from New Hampshire!

  4. Thanks for the update in the midst of feeling "green"... I guess that's better than "blue." Many prayers, both those I can wrap words around and those I can't.