Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Phew! Dodging Another Bullet

That whizzing sound that breezed past my ear today was made by my latest PET scan report. Fabulous news! My liver lesion, that un-friend that showed itself in April, has shrunk and--better still--did not even register as cancerous activity on the scan. The radiologist noted "improved metastatic disease" in bones and elsewhere and that "no definite new disease is noted."

This means that the Taxol continues to do well, and I'm staying that course. Back for followups in September.

The side effects have thus far been quite manageable. My acupuncturist has done worlds of good in counteracting some nerve damage in my toes, and my hair continues to grow. Am a tomboy this summer, which (considering the 100-degree weather here) is not altogether a bad thing.

Off tomorrow to visit my mom and my Uncle Cleave in Connecticut. There are few things calmer or prettier to me than a New England summer day; thanking my lucky stars for the ability to enjoy that in a relaxed fashion.

Best to all,