Thursday, February 25, 2010

No New Is Good News (Plus, Check Out This Wig)

At Dr. Ueno's office, after reading my good PET scan report.

Happy kids at our recent Bandera getaway. I took them on a "Mom's secret surprise" weekend, with the location only revealed upon arrival.

Just back from Houston, and we do not "have a problem"! Tuesday was the usual "extreme scan-over" marathon. I drew the radiologist known to be very picky and less liable to commit to conclusions. But the worst she said about a couple of bone spots was "indeterminate": It's hard to read bone, and often healing bone will look like this. So we continue to be optimistic, particularly since she never used the C word (or the M word, for that matter) in her impressions.
So...I celebrated by going to a wig shop. I was innocently trying this blonde wig on, just to check the style. And I said to myself, "Not bad. So, why not?" And let me tell you, the husband is digging it! Stay tuned for more wigs to come. If a wardrobe of wigs is OK for Dolly Parton....
Fun update: We had a terrific time in Bandera...We had a lovely trail ride and the kids rode a second time and got to canter...Hank summoned his inner Eagle Scout and made a fabulous campfire...Sally is getting the kids (at least a little) interested in star watching in preparation for Big Bend next month.
Oh, and thanks to my late dad, I bought a Honda Odyssey. My 10-year-old van had to be put into "car hospice." Now I am sittin' purty! And the DVD player will just the thing for the wide-open spaces of West Texas.
Love to all,

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Look

It's...back! Did someone get the color wrong? Oh, well!
Which inspired me (with apologies to Neil Young, "I Almost Cut My Hair):
I almost combed my hair
Happened just the other day
It was getting kinda long
Could have said it was in the way (of my wig)
So I, by and by
Sometimes let my "freak" flag fly
Cause I feel
I'm owing
Someone who's putting off her mammogram. Someone who thinks we've "conquered" breast cancer. Someone less lucky than me.
Love and kisses,