Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Look

It's...back! Did someone get the color wrong? Oh, well!
Which inspired me (with apologies to Neil Young, "I Almost Cut My Hair):
I almost combed my hair
Happened just the other day
It was getting kinda long
Could have said it was in the way (of my wig)
So I, by and by
Sometimes let my "freak" flag fly
Cause I feel
I'm owing
Someone who's putting off her mammogram. Someone who thinks we've "conquered" breast cancer. Someone less lucky than me.
Love and kisses,


  1. Sally - you look BEAUTIFUL! I really love it!
    See you soon!
    XO, Lara

  2. Damn! You look sassy, girl! Look out world.

  3. You look fab--from head to toe. We'll actually, I can't see your toes in this picture, but I'm certain they're fabulous, too. Joy,joy, joy!

  4. You look soooo beautiful... and wise... and alive and filled up so full with joy that it could only be contained by the color white, the pesence of all color at once. Thanks so much for the update.

  5. Hi There. It’s great to “see” you again, especially smiling, strong and “N.E.D.” in your latest photo. I’m absolutely stunned by the courage you demonstrated throughout your “adventure” and feel honored to have crossed paths with you.
    I don’t know what you do for a living, but your writing style is truly wonderful. Your blog reads like “Sally’s World, and welcome to it”. Reminded me of “The day the water broke”.
    Sorry to hear about your dad. Still remember the anxiety of driving his new Mercedes for him while he was out of town. It meant a lot that he trusted me to do that for him. A great guy.
    If “Time is the fire in which we burn” you’ve been blessed with an additional log or two. Live big, have fun and keep writing.
    Jon F.