Friday, January 21, 2011

I Won a "Vacation"!

BIG NEWS FROM HOUSTON: My latest PET scan showed "no evidence of disease," and this from the radiologist known to be super-picky. Of course, with Stage IV cancer, the word "remission" is never used, but "NED" is as good as it gets. As a result, I get to skip chemo for three months, which is especially welcome news since my side effects (touchy tummy, fatigue, tingly toes) were starting to become troublesome. I'm going on a hormone therapy and will stay on the non-chemo drugs that I get via IV as a hoped-for safety net during the "vacation."

It's always a huge treat when your oncologist smiles. And my MD/Phd pharmacologist brother-in-law, who helps develop cancer drugs, called this "spectacular" news and added, "You have been 'chosen.'" Strong words and strong medicine.

I am blessed. And grateful for such supportive relatives and friends.



Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wait Till You See!

This is Dustin, the newest member of our household. Hank knew I've been wanting a rabbit for a long time and surprised me by locating a breeder just before Christmas. Way to go, Hank! Dustin is an English lop--my fourth of this type and eighth overall. He is the sweetest-natured, calmest rabbit you'd ever meet, and has quickly made himself at home. He and the guinea pig are going to share a cage. The dogs know the drill already with small pets; once the rabbit is convinced they're OK, we'll be on a roll. Off to Houston shortly for scans tomorrow.