Thursday, January 1, 2009

And we're off: We head back to Houston after Christmas at home.

Happy New Year! And to fellow travelers along the BC road:

Have a benign '09, as my buddies back home say.

December 31: Another marathon MDA day, the highlight of which was the exchange of the "big, honking" chest catheter for a smaller, friendlier version. However, it decided to detour into the wrong vein: do-over! Not at all fun, but thankfully at eye level there was a beautiful photograph of palm trees along a beach. It reminded me EXACTLY of several serene mornings during Hank's and my long-ago trip to the Caribbean island of Nevis. I had brought along my oil paints and did a landscape that hangs in my bedroom today. This is among my happiest memories. I could feel the breeze and sense the quiet of those mornings.
Below: A do-over? We are NOT amused!


  1. Hi Sally,
    My name is Kasey and I am in Dr. Uenos stem cell transplant trial (although, maybe a different on then you, as that trial us up to about patient #20 now). I am patient #1 in that trial. I underwent the SCT in October 2007.
    Your blog was posted on ysc on a sct thread, that is how I got it (in case you were wondering!).
    I just want to wish you the best of luck and feel free to email me anytime!
    I will be in Houston at the end of Jan. for my 1 year 3 month check up. Maybe we could meet up!
    This time will seem like it is passing slow, but before you know it, you will be back home.
    Take care,
    Kasey Hoggatt

  2. Hey Sally - good to see your picture and you even look good in the oh not so flattering hospital garb. Hope the next phase goes smoothly and you are home soon. Lots of Love, Val

  3. Sally,
    I'm with you every, every drip of the way! And I send love and support to you. Also, I've enlisted my Cheerleading Barbie to do flips and high kicks everyday to cheer you on.

    Mary Gordon

  4. Sally,
    It's amazing, perhaps miraculous, to hear of your creativity in the midst of this journey! You go girl! I'd love to see a shot of your painting!

  5. I'm inspired by Mary Gordon's post and am going to create an cancer-eradication cheer for her Barbie to shout while she's doing her plastic high kicks! With my long-ago high school experience you learned about on the retreat, you know I'm up to the task. Meanwhile, cheers to you, woman, for your great strength, courage and attitude!

    (I'll get back to you and Barbie in a bit!)
    Diana Dawson

  6. Sally,
    You may not remember me, but I am Dr. Nelson's nurse in Austin. Just wanted you to know that we hope all goes well during your treatment. MDACC is a wonderful place and your care will be superb.
    Stay in touch.

    Nancy Lehde, RN, OCN