Friday, January 30, 2009

The "Countdown" Continues

Hello, all!

Only have energy for a brief note today. My blood counts continue to drop: white blood cells (immune system), platelets (which control clotting), and hemoglobin (oxygenation). I'm out of breath after a flight of stairs, but otherwise OK!

I have a new sense of empathy for elderly people, because between the low energy and very creaky joints from the hormone therapy, I "am" 90 years old sometimes. Looking forward to getting back to yoga!

Still enough energy for the basics. I'm reading "1776" and doing some needlework for my nephew-to-be's nursery.

And now it's the big countdown until next Friday when I am reunited with my beloved stem cells! My blood counts will continue the downward trend for a time after that, but will thereafter recover.

Who-hoo: Yesterday threw the whole nap thing overboard and had a wonderful escape with my new friend Mia, who is the sister-in-law of my sister-in-law's lifelong friend. Mia, who went through breast cancer treatment herself last year, treated me to lunch at the fine arts museum. It felt like a trip to the Caribbean after shuttling between clinic and our "dorm."

Who needs a nap when you're awash in Tiffany windows and fabulous western landscapes (my two favorite art forms!)?


  1. Sally, Only a week until your big reunion. I bet you and your stem cells have missed each other. I mean, you've been together for so many years. Here's hoping the reunion is a cause for celebration!

    Sending you lots of love and support. So glad you got to break out of the joint for a nice lunch. Mary Gordon

  2. Thanks for spending some of your sparse energy keeping us up to date! Your much anticipated stem cell reunion reminds me of a movie I saw once about a woman who married herself... do you think we have a liturgy for stem cell reunions yet?

  3. Sally, Kinda like that last week before your baby is due... sitting on "go" patiently... Everybody asking you how you feel...
    Your Re-birth Day is coming!
    Thinking of you mucho! xoxo, A