Thursday, May 6, 2010

Here We Go Again

As of Tuesday, I did go back on Taxol. Keeping my fingers crossed for minimal side effects, though am noticing a bit of an 'ick' feeling and a little more toe tingling. Glad I've gotten cracking on accupuncture, which restored all the feeling after the last series. Also may get started on some Chinese herbs--they're working wonders for my daughter's tricky stomach. I am reading the breakthrough book, "Anti-Cancer," by a research doc/cancer patient, and am ready to roll on some major dietary changes and other lifestyle improvements. Fortunately, we've already gone vegetarian at home. 

Best to all, 



  1. I am praying for medicines, herbs, thoughts, prayers, doctors, books, foods, smiles, blogs, wigs, and acupuncture to all be working for wellness and wholeness within you and your beloved body and Soul!

  2. You are courageous beyond words. Sending hope when things look empty, and faith when things get complicated. Peace, K