Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hello, Friends

Well, it's three weeks into chemo and so far am feeling just fine. Even working out. The only catch is that a couple of days ago my scalp starting tingling, and here came the hair. I lost a lot, but fortunately started with a nice, thick supply. Today, Sunday, the tingling has subsided so I'm hoping the fallout is over. The Avastin also has only the most minor of side effects thus far.

My big "project" is dealing with the lymphedema (swelling) I've developed in the arm thanks to the many lost lymph nodes and radiation. For the last month, it's been wrapped in a bulky compression bandage to get the arm to its correct size. The Michelin Man has nothing on me when it comes to accessorizing. Soon I will get a custom-made sleeve--rather like daily pantyhose for the arm. I'm thinking about also getting an outrageous-looking one from This is a nuisance with daily excercises, massage, and 1001 therapy appointments. Trying to be philosophical about this new high-maintenance deal.

My birthday week, which I had been eagerly looking forward to (54, whoo-hoo!), got very messed with because my dad went into a semi-coma. The hospice nurses gave him 2-3 days, but then he woke up and asked for a cheeseburger!

The chaotic week, however, was rescued by my dear friend Kristen, who surprised me with a new guinea pig.


  1. thanks so much for the update...

  2. Sally,
    So glad to hear you are doing well with the new treatments. You are such a trooper. Keep up the good work, and maybe that cancer will stay parked in your bones and no where else!
    Nancy Lehde