Thursday, August 20, 2009

Say Yes to Drugs (Selectively)

Yesterday I met two new friends in the chemo lounge:

Taxi-Taxi (Taxol)
As in..."Taxi, taxi! Get me out of this dangerous neighborhood, and step on it! I'll triple the fare if you can get me to the city limits, pronto!"

and her friend...

Captain Avastin
As in..."Avast, ye laggards! It's over the side with you lot. We're feedin' ye to the fishes!"

So far, so great. A bit wound up last night due to the steroids that were added for the loading dosages, but otherwise tickled pink (so to speak).
Love to all. Photos follow.


(1) Caroline on her 14th birthday. (2) Hello, and a big wet kiss, from Shamu.

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