Tuesday, March 24, 2009

March Update

Well, so many folks have been asking...

We had a very auspicious return home March 6. On the way, we received a text message with a picture of our brand-new nephew, Liam. Moments later, spotted the first of this year's bluebonnets. And our dear friend Carolyn had secretly put "Welcome Home" balloons on our lantern. A great day!

We had a quiet week readjusting, followed by a sweet, low-key spring break with the kids.

I am tired, but if I stay shy of hitting the wall energy-wise, life seems quite normal. Still have creaky knees, but they're much better.

Our other recent family news was the loss of our precious elderly guinea pig. He lasted 10 days after our return, then died in my lap one morning. He was quite the personality and is greatly missed. The kitchen seems unnaturally quiet without "The Pig" whistling for room service!

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